Zoznamy fráz: anglické idiómy a slovné spojenia

(be someone’s) cup of tea(don’t) give a crap(don’t) give a shit(have) a word with (someone)(on the) scrap heap(right) on cue(there’s) no rush(to be) at liberty(to be) better off(to be) in the groove(to be) much to look at(to have) no place to go(we are) dead meat110 meters hurdlesa tada whileabdominal painabout to (do something)act on behalfacturial tableaddicted toadvance wordafter a whileagainst all oddsAge becomes you.age like wineair timeall alongall aroundall of a suddenall overall that glitters ain’t goldall that mattersall the wayalong the way answer for (something)ants in pantsanxiety attackapple of one’s eyeAre we clear?around the bendaround the worldas far as I am concernedas soon asas we speakAs you were!ask for (something/someone)ask for troubleasset developmentassume commandat a pinchat allat close rangeAt ease!at first sightat onceat own perilat stakeat the drop of a hatat the end of one’s ropeat the outsetattempt suicideattention spanausterity measuresbachelor partyback and forthback endback seatback thenbacterial and viral infectionsbad assballpark figurebang for the buckbar (exam)basket casebat eyes atbe at the mercy of (something)be behind sometingbe capable of (something)be crazy about (something/someone)be fastbe fine and dandybe fond of (something/someone)be in a fixbe in businessbe in charge ofbe in painbe in rehabbe latebe of servicebe off somethingbe on itbe on the waybe one’s bagbe proud of (someone/something)be stuck in the groovebe up against (someone/sonething)be up tobe up to your ears in somethingbe upset with someone (for something)

be wrong about (something/someone)beat around the bushBeat it!beat one’s brains outbeat to shitbed and breakfastbefore the shit hits the fanbefore the year’s upbeg to differBehave yourselfbehind the scenesbells and whistlesbend elbowbend over backwardsbend the rulesbest manbetter offbetter shotbeyond a doubtbig dealbig fishbig rollbig shotbig timebinding promisebite (someone) in the assbite the bulletbits and piecesblack-tie partybleed to deathblood typeblow a tireblow jobblow off a steamblow out of the waterblow the whistleblowup boatblue-collarboarding schoolbottom lineBottoms upbouncy blowoutbounty hunterbowel movementbrain damagebrain drainbrand newbrass tacksbreak a lawbreak a promisebreak ballsbreak evenbreak groundbreak loosebreak someone’s heartbreak the icebreak the lawbreak the spellbreak windbrick and mortarbright sidebright sparkbring to a headbring to the boilbring to the brink of (something)bro-hoodbroaden horizonsbrute savagebudget cutsbuilding permitbull’s eyeburst (someone’s) bubblebusiness endbust ballsbust the headbusybodybutt headsbuy more timeby farby leaps and boundsby the waycake recipecall it a daycall of dutycall quitscamera is rollingcandle-lit dinnercar chasecar washcarol singerscarry the daycarved in stonecash a checkcash on handcash pilecast a ballotcast a shadowcast a spellcatch firecatch with pants down