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By | 1. May 2016

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“Every human being has a basic instinct – to help each other out. If a hiker gets lost in the mountains, people coordinate a search. If an earthquake levels a city, people all over the world send emergency supplies. This instinct is found in every culture without exception…At around 4:30am our satellites
detected a storm approaching the ARES 3 mission site on Mars. The storm had escalated to severe and we had no choice but to abort the mission. But, during the evacuation, astronaut Marc Watney was killed. I’m entering this log for the record. This is Marc Watney, and I’m still alive, obviously. I have no way to contact NASA or my crew mates. But, even if I could, it would take four years for another manned mission to reach me, and I’m in a Hab designed to last 31 days. So, in the face of overwhelming odds, I’m left with only one option. I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this. Okay, let’s do the math. I got to figure out how to grow four years worth of food, here, on a planet where nothing grows. But, if I can’t figure out a way to make contact with NASA, none of this matters anyway.
NEW MESSAGE RECEIVED Houston be advised, we’ve got a video message. It’s directed to the whole crew. Play it. MEIN GOT! Mark Watney is still alive. In your face, Neil Armstrong. We left him behind. Let’s go get our boy. This is something NASA rejected. So, we’re talking mutiny. And if we mess up the supply rendez-vous, we die. If we mess-up the earth gravity assist, we die. It’s space, it doesn’t cooperate. I guarantee you, that at some point, everything is gonna go south on you. And you’re gonna say ‘this is it’. This is how I end… Is it possible that he is still alive? “
grasp for anything – chytať sa každej možnosti
take a look – pozrieť sa
make it – zvládnuť to, prežiť to
get out – dostať sa na verejnosť
say the word – stačí povedať
good news…bad news – dobrá správa…zlá správa
come as a surprise – prekvapiť
boil off (something) – odpariť
wait out (something) – prečkať
be in business – je to vybavené
there/here’s the rub – problém je v tomto, háčik je v tom, že…
root for (someone) – povzbudzovať, držať palce
raise an objection (to someone or something) – vzniesť námietku
in one’s power – v niekoho silách
go through (something) – prehrabávať sa
watch your language – dávať si pozor na jazyk
hold out – vydržať
step over (something/someone) – prekročiť
flyby – oblet
pass along (something) – predať, odovzdať
chem analysis – chemický rozbor
stay put – zostať na mieste
do the math – spočítať si to, rozobrať si to
hone in (on something) – zamerať sa
leave behind (something) – zanechať
write-up – správa
look forward to (something) – tešiť sa (na niečo)
force (someone’s) hand – prinútiť k činu
do one’s best – robí, čo môže
dig up (something) – vyhrabať
load up (something) – naložiť
leave to dead – nechať umrieť, napospas osudu
in vain – márny, navnivoč
scrub – zabaliť to
side note – poznámka na okraj
come up – blížiť sa
turn off (something) – vypnúť
lunacy – šialenstvo, bláznivý nápad
take turns – striedať sa
shut one’s mouth – zavrieť ústa, sklapnúť
take a chance – riskovať
check out – sedieť, potvrdiť sa
buy more time – získať viac času
prone – ležiaci na bruchu, čelom k zemi