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By | 5. May 2017

Téma Veda a technika zapasuje asi tým maturantom, ktorí sa o túto tému zaujímajú. A aby ste mali trochu viac inšpirácie o čom na tej ústnej maturite rozprávať, prečítajte si nasledujúci článok.

NOTE: If you find this symbol in the text (*) that means it’s a tip for you to mention at your oral exam.


New inventions in every scientific field make our lives more comfortable, interesting and easier. In the last 15 years, fields such as medicine, computer science, transportation and many others have made incredible progress and reached very high standards. Thanks to science, we can enjoy technology.

The First Industrial Revolution, that brought us many useful technological inventions, started in the 18th century in England. The most important innovation was improvement of steam engine by James Watt in 1781.

Since our birth, we have depended on the scientific inventions like a thermometer, electric lights, automobiles, USB keys and the most popular one – the Internet. It’s definitely the best place to find information just about anything (including funny home videos of cats).

* Internet (WorldWideWeb) was invented in CERN between 1989 – 1991 by English computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee


#1 – Internet
Not many people of today are able to imagine their life without this technological miracle. On the Internet we can look up any kind of information, buy anything that we want, watch videos and listen to music, send documents, play video games, make money, book tickets, chat with friends, make memes, find a life partner, write a blog about Science and Technology etc. Of course, some people also started to misuse it. Online bullying is a serious thing and some people even committed suicide because of this stupid thing.

#2 – Mobile phones
On the second place is definitely a mobile phone. Small gadget with camera, music player and a mini computer. You have literally the whole human knowledge in your pocket, but…you know…You can take a picture of your breakfast, which is good. I feel like we live in a fantasy novel – the fact that we are able to contact anyone on this planet within a few seconds and talk to them really sounds like magic.

#3 – Medicine
Progress in the field of medicine is among the most important. It helps us to relieve the unbearable pain of certain diseases and it can fully cure some of them or prevent them from happening. Some inventions used by doctors every day, such as X-rays, laser, antibiotics and many more, are now taken for granted. It is even possible for a surgeon to guide another surgeon while he’s performing the operation through the video phone call. When we talk about this topic, we should also mention vaccines and immunization. These little useful medicines made our lives much safer and took care of deadly epidemics that we (thanks to these vaccines) do not have to experience.

• The Eiffel Tower can be 15 cm taller during the summer.
• Stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve razor blades.
• Christopher Sholes invented the QWERTY keyboard in 1868.
• The average age of gamers in the United States is 35.


Achievements of science and technology also brought some negative effects and problems that our society has to deal with. People are becoming more addicted to online conversations and texting and often forget about their family and friends. In this age, what is on the social media counts, and many times young people do not have a critical thinking to distinguish facts from disinformation. But it’s not just that. Science also brought to humanity the most devastating and destructive weapons, such as atomic bombs, ballistic missiles and other nuclear weapons.


And who are the ones thanks to whom we can live like we do now? Here are some famous inventors and their creations:

Alexander Flemingpenicillin
Louis Pasteurprinciples of vaccination, immunization and pasteurization
Charles Darwinmodern theory of evolution
Nikola Teslaalternating current
Isaac Newtonthe laws of gravitation
Michael Faradyelectromagnetic fields, electrochemistry
Thomas A. Edisonelectric light bulb, the telephone transmitter
Mark ZuckerbergFacebook
Bill GatesMicrosoft, computer operating systems


1. What technological inventions do you have in your kitchen?
2. What advantages and disadvantages does the internet have?
3. Can you think of some famous inventors and their inventions?
4. Did you understand everything? If not, do not hesitate to ask on our forums!

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