Konverzačné témy: People and Nature

By | 1. May 2017

Téma Ľudia a príroda je pre mnohých určite jedna z tých, ktoré by si chceli na maturitnej skúške vytiahnuť. Ak niekto rád chodí do prírody, určite bude o tom aj rád rozprávať. Tak poďme na to – tu je niekoľko úvah a ľuďoch a prírode, ktoré môžete spomenúť, keď budete na maturite rozprávať na túto tému.

NOTE: If you find this symbol in the text (*) that means it’s a tip for you to mention at your oral exam.


I bet that when I say the word ”nature” you will think of something green. But it doesn’t have to be this way in the future. Without plants, forests and wild animals, we would certainly become depressed and ecological balance would be broken. Personally, I don’t like when I hear the phrase “we are killing Mother Nature, we are causing environmental disasters etc…” It’s not true. I don’t do it. Neither do you. I don’t cut Amazon rainforest nor do I kill endangered species in Africa. Only narrow-minded individuals, who don’t know any better, do so…

One of the most serious ecological problems of today are water, soil and air pollution in many countries, destruction of ecosystems, changes of weather – acid rains, global warming, beach junkyards and dumps, disappearance of many animal species, mainly by poaching (elephants, pandas, tigers, whales, polar bears, rhinos, dolphins and many more are enlisted on the Red List of Threatened Species), destruction of the ozone layer, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, hurricanes and floods.

Yet there is still hope. Environmentalists, ecologists, biologists, volunteers and many organizations protect the nature and by doing so, they save many lives. The least we can do is to respect simple rules e.g. when you are in a forest or in the mountains, don’t be noisy, don’t set fire anywhere you want, do not drop litter and so on. By breaking some of these rules you can even end up in jail.

But let’s take it a bit easier. Here in Slovakia we have a continental climate with 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn (A.K.A. fall) and winter. Except winter, cloudy and sunny days are typical for the whole year.



You can find people almost everywhere – in deserts of Africa or jungles of South America. A typical trait of humans is that we are able to adapt to almost any conditions. But as time goes by, the country and climate change. Few years back we even had snow on Christmas…not anymore.

The climate has a huge impact on everything living within it. This includes plants and animals. You won’t find a polar bear anywhere around here, but you can find a deer or a fox. With no plants there is no life.* For some animals plants are the only source of food. There are approximately 400,000 different species of plants and more than 9 million of animal species.

* Every plant produces oxygen, but the one that is the most important, is the sea grass which produces most of the oxygen in the world.?

Probably the most famous ecological organization that is protecting our planet is Greenpeace. They also inform us about the dangers of pollution and destruction of nature.


1. Can you name some natural cause disasters?
2. What is „the Red List of Threatened Species?
3. What climate seasons are there in our region and how does a climate influence the life?
4. Did you understand everything? If not, do not hesitate to ask on our forums!

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