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By | 10. April 2017

Táto konverzačná téma je k dispozícii ako inšpirácia pri príprave na ústnu maturitnú skúšku z anglického jazyka.

NOTE: If you find this symbol in the text (*), it means that it’a a tip for you to mention at your oral exam. In the time of need, every help is appreciated


Do you know that feeling when you’re lying in bed with a flu, having your body temperature at 38,4°C and you’re like: “Call the priest…” We always take our health for granted, yet when we’re sick, the only thing we wish for is to be healthy again.

Public health care has made a giant leap in the last century, yet there are still unvaccinated people and people with little knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases or hygiene. The best way to protect yourself from HIV virus and similar diseases is to use a condom. But let’s look on the bright side of this topic…


Longer and happier life is often being associated with good health. To be healthy means to eat healthier food, avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and especially important in today’s lifestyle – avoid stressful situations. You can see “perfect” bodies on every other page of any catalogue or magazine, so why not have one yourself?

* Working out in a gym is beneficial for our body, mind and our mental health. It has a big impact on our overall sense of well-being and feeling healthy.

Positive factors that help us feel better, stronger and healthier are positive mental attitude, regular excercise, not smoking, drinking alcohol only in small amounts (mention any other positive factors that improve your health).

Negative factors that slowly damage our health are bad eating habits, overeating, being stressed, not getting enough sleep, lack of physical activity – all of them may cause severe diseases in the long run (mention any other negative factors that may worsen your health).

Did you know that stomachaches and headaches often result from stress or depression?


From early age our parents teach us that there are good and bad guys walking on this Earth. Doctors (general practitioners) are both. They are here to heal us, but our earliest memories with the doctors are usually associated with painful sting of injection. In some cases we need to have an appointment with a specialist like a dentist.

Before prescribing a medication, doctor needs to examine our body and ask about the symptoms (Where does it hurt? What are you feeling…). He may also order some blood test or any other special examinations, such as X-rays, ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). After that we go to the pharmacy and get the prescribed medications, for example painkillers, vitamins, antibiotics etc. That is the better case. When the doctor finds out that you suffer from a serious illness, you might be taken to the hospital. But don’t worry, our health care is free in Slovakia under the condition that you pay your insurance on a monthly basis. *

* The health care reform in the USA called “Obamacare” was a great hit in America. This reform initiated health care to be more affordable for every citizen of the US.


The majority of diseases which we encounter are not being considered serious and they don’t take long to cure. However, some of these diseases were deadly in the past, for example flu, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, cold, tetanus and many others. Of course we have another diseases, which we still cannot fully cure e.g. cancer, diabetes, AIDS, obesity etc. A great way of protecting yourself from these serious illnesses is to learn some information about them. Many countries in the world support and spend a lot of money on public campaigns and advertisements, informing people about the threats and warning them against many dangers.

1. Can you name a venereal disease and how to protect yourself from it?
2. Your friend Peter wants to be healthy, what would you recommend him to do/not to do?
3. What are the missing steps between doctor’s examination and swallowing the prescribed pill?
4. Did you understand everything? If not, do not hesitate to ask on our forums!

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