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By | 17. October 2018

Téma Jedlo a stravovanie je podľa môjho názoru jedna z tých ľahších. Asi každému je pomerne blízka, tak sa poďme pozrieť na to, ako by ste ju mohli odprezentovať na maturite!

NOTE: If you find this symbol in the text (*) that means that it is a tip for you to mention at your oral exam.


I would like to start this topic with a pretty accurate quote: “You can’t trust people who cook as badly as that.” – Jacques Chirac, President of France 1995-2007 (and his witty remark about the British food).


This section talks about our country and how we enjoy our food. Typically, people in Slovakia have 4 to 5 different meals during the day. Starting the day with breakfast, we like to put some butter or jam on roll, bun or eat yoghurt with tea or tap water. Kids also enjoy cereals with milk and cocoa.

Later in the morning, during school break or a small pause at work, we usually have something small and nutritious to keep us going until lunch.

konverzačné témy stravovanie

Our national dish, which can be translated into English as ‘gnocchi with sheep cheese’ or ‘potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon’ (bryndzové halušky).

At around noon we have our main and most important meal – lunch, which consists of soup, main course with a various side dishes and sometimes even dessert. Slovaks like to eat meat, usually poultry, beef or pork along with potatoes and rice.

Full of energy, we continue to work or to study for a few more hours and then it’s time for snack (olovrant), which is usually around 4pm. We don’t make a big deal out of it and many people just skip it, but in Britain it is much more important (we will come to that later). Last, but not least is our dinner. Well, usually it’s a “TV dinner” either with our family, friends and roommates or just by ourselves.


In recent years, many Slovaks started to enjoy international cuisine, like pizza, pasta, spaghetti, Asian food and many other meals. Besides Europe, countries like China, India or Mexico also represent a great addition to our food variations.

* Hungarian cuisine has a big influence on our country. Hungarians brought a new, spicy flavor to our plates, which is quite popular in the southern Slovakia.


Typical British day is somewhat different, with breakfast as the beginning of the day. In almost every British family, children eat cereals or porridge for breakfast and tons and tons of orange juice. Adults like to have a cup of tea or coffee along with eggs or bacon. At around 10am, Brits eat something small and of course, with the tea – called elevenses (desiata).

* On weekends, when Brits get up around 10am, they can enjoy so-called “brunch” (breakfast-lunch) in a restaurant or they just cook something at home.

At about 1pm, it’s time for lunch, which is very different from lunch in our country. They consider the lunch a light meal, consisting of a warm dish (rarely soup), some fruit or vegetable and a pudding (it’s rather different from pudding in Central Europe).

It’s almost 2pm and there are still 3 meals ahead of us. Afternoon tea is the next one. It’s pretty much just the tea and a small biscuit or some light snack. Now, I’m sure you know the synonyms dinner and supper.
But they are not the same.

The typical meal at the end of the day is supper, such as pre-cooked food with frozen vegetables (yummy…), pizza or the national British dish – fish and chips. Dinner, however, is not really a time-specific meal. You can call your friends over for dinner at 8pm or 11pm. It’s also more “elegant” or more “ceremonial” meal, not like the “TV dinner” or an ordinary supper. Or you can eat supper at 7 pm and later eat dinner, but these names may vary in different parts of the UK.

* Simply put, Brits don’t care much about the taste of food. They consider food to be something like a fuel, so they’ll be able to work through the day. It’s one of the major differences between the UK and France, where the food is almost like “a religion.”

Hope you liked the topic, now let’s see what have you learned:

1. Is lunch considered an important meal in Slovakia?
2. What is the „TV dinner”?
3. Are Brits considered to be good cooks?
4. Did you understand everything? If not, do not hesitate to ask on our forums!

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